Getting a new countertop can be quick and painless. At The Countertop Guru, our experts take care of every detail to make sure that the process is simple with minimal disruption to your household or business.

We offer rare one-stop-shopping for counter design, fabrication and installation. No additional designers, plumbers or other contractors are needed. Our countertop experts are happy to give advice and make suggestions for what may best suit your needs.

Unlike most companies, our process is straightforward and requires only one initial visit to your location:

• We set up a free consultation at your location
• During the consultation, we take initial measurements and inspect the installation area to make sure surrounding cabinets are level and strong enough to support the new countertops. We also inspect the plumbing to verify that it is in good shape and can accommodate the new installation. Before we leave the consultation we provide pricing for your countertop
• If you decide to move forward with the countertop, we sign a contract, take final measurements if needed and request a 50% deposit
• We then schedule the installation of your countertop at your convenience (usually within 1-2 weeks)
• We install your countertop. The installation includes any needed adjustments to the supporting cabinets and the disconnection and reconnection of all related plumbing on the same day.

If you are using a natural surface such as granite, we recommend you select the precise slab you would like us to cut your countertop from in person. Natural variations in the stone can cause each piece to look very different and you may prefer one over another.