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High Pressure Decorative Laminate (HPDL) has been on the market for almost a hundred years. Considered one of the most popular and the oldest surface material for countertops, throughout the years, laminate not only has improved it appearance introducing refined and sophisticated designs, but also it has increased its durability and functionality as well.

The process of manufacturing laminate, consist of fusing several laminate sheets together. The bottom layers, soaked in phenolic resin, are made of Kraft paper (same paper used in grocery bags). The upper layer, soaked in melamine resin, contains a decorative layer, which gives the design of the final product. Then, a translucent top is applied after running it in melamine resin. Finally, the sheet is adhered to a substrate such as plywood, fiberboard, or particleboard.

Laminate has an extensive selection of colors and patterns. Shopping for Laminate can be fun for it can simulate the appearance of costlier materials such as wood, granite, marble, quartz, and stainless steel. Patterns can range from designs in solid colors to geometric forms, swirls or elaborate and detailed designs of exotic figures or shapes.

Certainly, this budget-friendly surface can offer any color or pattern that allows its consumers the impression of having an upscale surface. Even though, when working with lengthy installations, there would be visible seams; however, when working with backsplashes and edges, it won’t display any seam. This advantage of laminate; for example, works with popular edges such as waterfall, bullnose or the no drip type which won’t present any join when implemented.

Of course, laminate has some other drawbacks, but following some simple guidelines of care and maintenance can help to keep its appearance and performance for decades without worrying about discoloration or marring.

Being careful about placing hot objects on the surface can keep it safe from being scorched. Similarly, proper daily cleaning, avoiding moisture and food on it can reduce staining, which may lead to bacterial growth.


Besides solid surface, Formica also produces laminate. Its catalog offers an extensive palette of solid colors, woodgrains and patterns, plus a wide range of appealing tactile finishes.

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Nevamar offers a long tradition of design innovation through its selection of colors. Customers can choose from over 250 different patterns in solid colors, woodgrains, abstracts, including those in their newest VIP Collection.

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Pionite products are available through an extensive network of distributors in the USA and Canada. Pionite knows the power of color. Its High Pressure Laminate palette features 240 colors, including its new Motion Collection, which features 21 colors.

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Wilsonart's Home Collection offers a Premium and a Standard catalog, Custom Laminate designs, and Performance Laminates, which includes Wilsonart Chemsurf, a Chemical-Resistant Laminate, Fire-rated and High-Wear laminates.

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