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Countertop Accessories

Designing the perfect space begins with choosing the right elements. The edge type of your countertops, the faucet, the sink, tile and backsplashes, all are design ingredients for your new project. The heart of your house, which is your kitchen, is made of these small details that cause a big impact when they work together. Sometimes, one of them stands out. So, if you have in mind a focal point, you may put extra attention to one element. It can be a sleek contemporary faucet, with a dramatic high-arc, that swivels 360 degrees, which makes a stylish statement; or a handcrafted hammered copper sink who says: “look at me” I am here to inspire texture or provide contrast in a contemporary design.  All depends on your taste, and needs.

The Countertop Guru offers a selection of edge type for every material. Natural stone and engineered stone support a wide variety of styles. The most popular are eased, bevel, bullnose, ogee and roman.

Of course, there is a multitude of custom designs that can be accommodated depending on the project. With solid surface, edge profiles are also varied. And, laminate is not anymore the option with flat edges and brown seams. With laminate surfaces, there are numerous styles like bullnose, bevel, or even different variations in ogee. For the most essential functions of your kitchen and bath, The Countertop Guru offers a basic selection of functional and attractive sinks and faucets. When it comes to tile, TCG’s suppliers offer endless designs in decorative accents and wall tile.